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No matter if a meeting is done physically or digitally, thought and effort needs to be put into forming an agenda with a valuable content that contributes, not only to the people attending, but to the overall purpose and goal of the meeting.

Yet we often experience unrehearsed Power Point presentations with not enough thought put into the audience perspectives, feelings and needs.

This due to a lack of insight and knowledge about how to work with meeting design and rhetoric as a strategic tool for communication and the development of people and organizations.

Since 2001 I’m working within my company Palmstierna & Co Inc. to assist individuals and organizations in improving their meeting communication and culture in three different roles

MEETING ARCHITECT -  designing, content producing and executing impactful, often internal meetings. How this is being done is also a topic I’m happy to lecture on.

SPEAKER TRAINER – For anyone who wants to develop their ability to touch an audience and get a message through. The client gets support and training through the process of preparation, script writing, rehearsal and coaching on sight if requested.

FACILITATOR - I have the privilege of holding space for groups to come together. My job is to design the process, make sure everyone gets their voice heard and get to contribute in the best way possible.

MUSIC - Is a constant in everything I do and especially facilitation. My debut album It's Time release in 2020 and can be found on Spotify.

Bio (PDF)

"Louise is an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge which she perfectly packages into coaching that changes you and your organization. If you haven't used Louise to plan and execute you meeting, conference or seminar. It has not been as great as it can be. I would highly recommend everyone to have a sit down with Louise, it will change your perception of business and life."