Louise Palmstierna

In times when more and more of our communication becomes digital to actually meet in person is even more important when we take the time to do so. Despite this, little effort is put into forming and running efficient and valuable meetings that contributes not only to the people involved but to the overall purpose and goal of the organization.

Often we experience endless power point presentations given by people that hasn’t taken the attendees into consideration and hasn’t at all thought about what they would have wanted to come out of the gathering in terms of knowledge, feelings and actions among the people listening.

All of this is happening due to lack of insight and knowledge about how to work with meetings and presentations as a strategic tool for communication and development of people and organizations.

Since 2001 I’m working within my company Palmstierna & Co Inc. to help corporations and organizations improve their meetings and presentations in several different roles.


Individuals and groups who want to develop their ability as speakers in order to reach their audience and get their message through value her support as a speaker trainer. The client gets support and training through the process of preparation; script writing, rehearsal and I will attend the occasion to support you the speaker if requested.


As a meeting architect I design, produce and execute powerful, often internal meetings. How this is being done is also a topic I’m happy to lecture on. In the role of content manager I work in cooperation with communication agencies in preparation of larger and complex conferences where there are several speakers, messages and materials that needs to be held together.


As a facilitator I have the privilege of guiding groups to come together and accomplish a common task. An example is facilitating a meeting where a management team needs to agreeing on a company vision and what it will take to start the journey towards it. My job is to design the process and make sure everyone can contribute in the best way possible.

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Hear from a client

  • "Louise is an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge which she perfectly packages into coaching that changes you and your organization. If you haven't used Louise to plan and execute you meeting, conference or seminar. It has not been as great as it can be. I would highly recommend everyone to have a sit down with Louise , it will change your perception af business and life.

    Patrik Löwendahl, Avanade